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Ehm Architecture, Inc. is a full-service, quality-driven architecture firm composed of architects, engineers, designers, and administrative professionals. We take on projects of all scales with enthusiasm and an outside-the-box creative approach.

Architectural Design Development

Ehm Architecture, Inc. is a foremost architectural firm specializing in all phases of design work, including design development. We partner with our clients to develop and finalize building plans that seamlessly marry function and form.

Architectural Drafting Services

Ehm Architecture, Inc. provides architectural drafting services in the surrounding area. With years of experience in CAD drafting, we offer masterful architectural drafts to help see your project succeed.

Architectural Programming

Ehm Architecture, Inc. performs detail-oriented, meticulous program development. Our in-house architects prioritize the programming discipline and work side-by-side with clients to deliver timely documentation and accurate base cost estimates.

Architecture Firm

Ehm Architecture, Inc. offers forward-thinking and innovative architectural services that provide our clients with building designs based on established principles and high-value solutions. Serving the great city of San Diego and its many residents, we’re a firm of talented and experienced architects who bring a rare level of dedication and passion to our work.

Building Code Analysis

Ehm Architecture, Inc. provides building code analysis services in the surrounding area. We develop industry-leading solutions to meet code requirements and enhance the function of your space.

Building Design

Ehm Architecture, Inc. is a foremost architectural firm with a long track record of success for cost-effective residential and commercial design. We work closely with our clients to develop design concepts that are sustainable, energy-efficient, and visually striking from top to bottom.

Commercial Architect

Ehm Architecture, Inc. is a foremost commercial architect and the first-choice firm amongst local business owners, property managers, and development organizations. We specialize in the field of commercial design and project management, offering expedient services at competitive rates.

Construction Administration

Ehm Architecture, Inc. is your top choice for construction administration. Since opening our doors, we’ve established a longstanding reputation as a tested, trusted, and experienced project manager.

Construction Bid Solicitation

If you’re looking for help with construction bid solicitation, Ehm Architecture, Inc. has you covered. We provide comprehensive service solutions to help you attract bids from reliable contractors whose specialties match your needs.

Construction Contract Negotiation

Ehm Architecture, Inc. is your top choice for construction contract negotiation. We provide robust contract management services to find you a contract that not only you can live with, but ticks all the boxes.

Construction Cost Estimating

Ehm Architecture, Inc. provides professional construction cost estimating in the surrounding area. As an architectural firm, we perform comprehensive assessments to help you navigate costs and determine the scope of your project.

Construction Document Creation

Ehm Architecture, Inc. provides full construction document creation for residential and commercial clients. Our architectural staff expertly translate even the most complex designs into clear, precise, and streamlined construction plans in quick timelines.

Construction Feasibility Studies

Ehm Architecture, Inc. provides construction feasibility studies in the surrounding area. Years of experience have earned us a strong reputation and impressive portfolio of successful projects.

Construction Permit Procurement

Ehm Architecture, Inc. provides construction permit procurement services. We help property owners and developers streamline their projects to drive down costs. Commercial or residential, our comprehensive service solutions ensure you obtain the permits you need on time to avoid delays.

Construction Project Management

Ehm Architecture, Inc. is a leading local firm that offers comprehensive architect-led construction project management. With next-level administrative diligence, we see countless residential and commercial buildings built from the ground up, consistently within target timelines and deadlines.

Construction Site Planning

Ehm Architecture, Inc. is your top choice for construction site planning in the area. We provide thorough site inspections and complete, accurate planning documents to ensure your project’s success.

Construction Site Selection

Ehm Architecture, Inc. is a premier architecture firm offering in-depth assistance with construction site selection. Our architects help prospective property owners do their due diligence when considering where to build their home or commercial site.

Home Design Architect

Ehm Architecture, Inc. is a full-service architecture firm that distills beauty, ingenuity, and vision into homes. We take on projects of all sizes and invest our company’s full resources and technologies to create superior designs in an economical and timely fashion.

Residential Architect

Ehm Architecture, Inc. is an established architecture firm specializing in the residential sector. Our creative, talented, and highly experienced architects provide all-encompassing assistance for residential projects of all kinds, from partial remodels to custom home new builds./p>

Schematic Design

Ehm Architecture, Inc. is a leading architecture firm devoted to crafting comprehensive design documents that set new-builds on the road to excellence. Our schematic process is approached with diligence and executed with care.

Sustainable Building Designs

Ehm Architecture, Inc. provides sustainable building design services in the surrounding area. Since opening our doors, we’ve established ourselves as the area’s premier sustainable design architecture firm.

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