March Update

We are pleased to report the award of a 3-year, $1.5 million Architectural Services contract with San Diego Unified School District.  The first group of projects is five Joint-Use Fields, which are being developed jointly with City of San Diego.  Amenities include natural turf soccer fields and walking paths, with possible softball fields.  One site will also have a pedestrian bridge across a small ravine.  We are excited to be working with the District again after a 12-year hiatus!

Adding to our good news is the extension of our As-Needed Architectural and ADA Compliance Services contract with Port of San Diego.  Initially issued as a two-year agreement, the latest extension puts us now in Year 5 of the contract.  So far, we have reroofed the B Street Pier Cruise Ship Terminal and the Portwood Pier Plaza Concession Center at Imperial Beach Pier, we have completed the Canopy Project with exterior painting at B Street Pier Cruise Ship Terminal, we have designed the Interior Reconfiguration of the terminal and have completed ADA Compliance Services at 7 public park sites.

We just received a Task Authorization to replace windows at two Port Administration Buildings, on Harbor Island and on Shelter Island.

We are continuing to seek mutually-rewarding relationships with solid clients, both public and private.