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Ehm Architecture, Inc. is a full-service, quality-driven architecture firm composed of architects, engineers, designers, and administrative professionals. We take on projects of all scales with enthusiasm and an outside-the-box creative approach. On-budget and on-schedule is the only way we operate—we can’t wait to create something extraordinary with you.

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Let’s Design Together

Bring us your wish list. Tell us your must-haves. Our initial consultations exist so that you can flesh out your ideas in a collaborative environment. We love working closely with our clients to show them not only the feasibility of their ideas, but what’s possible even beyond them.

During your consultation, we also encourage you to ask questions about us, our values, and our process. The strength of our client relationships means everything to us, and we intend to start each new design journey on the right foot: with mutual trust and understanding.

Step by step, we’ll explain how we can achieve your desired results while respecting your time and budgetary constraints. We recognize that each project is special, and we’ll modify our architectural services to match. Perhaps you need concept-to-completion assistance or maybe you only need help with a percentage of the project. Whatever works best for you is what we’ll do.

The Design Process

We’re honored to contribute to the character and appeal of San Diego through our design work. We take our role seriously—our buildings are meant to last generations—so we craft them with patience, diligence, and care. To do that, we take every project through a sequence of design phases. A simplified breakdown of our design process includes:

  • Pre-planning
  • Schematic design
  • Design development
  • Construction documents
  • Bidding/negotiations
  • Construction administration

From site selection to material suggestions, we’ll be your reliable ally day by day. Our professionals are a highly communicative bunch. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with every customer and always respond promptly to your inquiries, updates, and concerns. Here, your satisfaction is our success.


The pre-planning phase is essential to the successful completion of any project. During this stage, we look closely at the project goals, the site and environmental conditions, local building codes and regulations, and other factors that need to be addressed before work can start.

We develop design solutions that are mindful of these factors, architecturally pleasing, and cost-effective for you. Additionally, we explore potential opportunities like incorporating more efficient systems or materials into the design that could bring added value.

Schematic Design Solutions

The schematic design phase is where the concept of a project is further refined to create a detailed plan. We consider all the information from pre-planning and develop aesthetic solutions that will bring the project to life.

Our team works on visualizing a structure's form and scale through sketches and 3D modeling, as well as exploring various materials and colors that could be used. After this stage, we'll have an initial understanding of how to construct your vision to fit the budget and timeline.

Extensive Design Development

The design development phase is where the concept of a project is fleshed out in greater detail. We work with you to fine-tune your desired aesthetic and develop drawings that clearly define the project's scope, including all technical requirements, materials, and finishes.

During this stage, we also evaluate any potential challenges that could arise during construction to find cost-effective solutions that address any issues without compromising the overall vision.

Construction Documents

Devising construction documentation is one of the most essential parts of a project. During this stage, we create detailed plans and specifications to build out the design concept as intended.

Every detail is documented and approved by you before it goes into effect. From materials to assemblies to safety measures, we ensure there’ll be no surprises when the project enters construction.

Bidding and Negotiation

Bidding and negotiation are integral parts of any project timeline. During this phase, we work closely with potential contractors to gather competitive bids for the proposed project. We thoroughly review the documents, drawings, and specifications before discussing any special conditions or changes with the contractor.

Our expertise ensures that you receive fair bids from qualified contractors who can execute the job according to your expectations.

Construction Administration

Our team monitors the contractor’s progress in the construction administration phase, ensuring that the project is built according to plans and specifications.

During this stage, we support contractors in answering their questions, addressing any discrepancies with the plans and specifications, and keeping the project on track. We also review drawings and samples to ensure that the final product is exactly what you envisioned.

Our team remains involved throughout construction to provide guidance and progress reports and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Architects Who Respect Your Time

From our very first meeting together, we will be honest and forthcoming about every detail of the building project. It is very important to us to meet deadlines and make our clients feel that we respect their time. Our talented team works very hard to turn your building dreams into a reality and will always work to meet the deadlines laid out at the beginning of the project. However, if there are any unforeseen delays or issues which may interfere with the projected timeline, we will be sure to let you know as soon as possible. Our services will be delivered punctually, and if they are delayed, we will tell you why and establish a new timeline for you.

Nationally Renowned Architects Who Care About Affordability

At Ehm Architecture, Inc., we are more than just architects, designers, and engineers—we are also community members. For us, architecture is not simply about constructing functional buildings but also about building something meaningful and creating buildings that last. We believe that for the quality of our services, you will be hard-pressed to find a more financially accommodating firm. Since every new project uses different amounts of materials and will require varying labor hours, we do not offer set financing. That being said, we feel comfortable working within a budget and will provide transparent invoicing for every aspect of the project. We never want the cost of our services to feel like a surprise, so we work hard to ensure all our clients understand the exact financial breakdown of our services. We also provide accurate estimates for all our clients before construction begins.

Our Local Architects

The architects we have on staff are talented, seasoned professionals with an intuition for envelope-pushing design. We’ve established our firm centered around ingenuity and collaboration. We continue to forge ahead as pioneers in our field, leaving behind edgy, eco-friendly, and functional buildings in our trail. Combined, our resume boasts decades of industry know-how and countless successful projects, big and small. Our in-house ethos is one that we are all united on: a good design will reflect its owner’s preferences through and through.

For further details about our education, training, and licensing, we invite you to get in touch.

Architects Who Build with Passion

At our firm, architecture is not simply a means to an end. We consider it a privilege to be involved with each of our clients and are passionate about turning design dreams into reality. So, whether we’re checking local building bylaws and obtaining permits or putting the final touches on our site planning, we will do it all with passion and a commitment to providing you with the best work possible.

Some of our most sought-after builds include:

  • Entertainment venues
  • Educational facilities
  • Commercial offices
  • Restaurants
  • Interior design scapes
  • Military facilities
  • Custom homes
  • Multi-Family housing
  • And much more!

Despite our extensive portfolio of impressive work, we believe that what distinguishes our firm is the commitment of our team members. At Ehm Architecture, Inc., we hire only the best and brightest and go out of our way to ensure our entire team is committed to providing the same level of quality across all our projects. Architecture is our passion, and it makes us excel at what we do. After just one consultation, we think you’ll be convinced that our firm will be the right choice for you. If you can dream it, we’re confident we can build it together.

San Diego’s Leading Architect

At Ehm Architecture, Inc., we understand that good design is not a product—it’s a process. We root our designs in collaboration and harness the skills of our entire project team to grow designs that embody our clients’ vision to a tee. When you partner with us, you’ll discover the consummate professionalism that has become our hallmark. We pledge to carry your design initiative through to completion in a timely and budget-friendly manner.

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