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Ehm Architecture, Inc. is a full-service, licensed architecture firm which is dedicated to exemplary client service, outstanding performance and dynamic design.  Founded in 1987, we have become expert in all areas of architectural practice and in a broad range of project types.  We started as a drafting firm serving architects and builders, and have grown into an award-winning and internationally-published design practice.  We’ve earned a strong reputation for creating buildings of distinction, developing unique design solutions with mastery and finesse. Our firm is led by Principal Architect Randal Jay Ehm AIA -- a true renaissance man.  Project Teams include talented designers, experienced project managers, skilled specification writers, construction managers and dedicated administrators. Together we serve a diverse clientele, bringing our extensive design and project management experience to bear on large and small projects alike and consistently delivering projects on time and on budget.

Focused on architecture as a sculpturally-dynamic artform, our design palette ranges from free-form earth-integrated structures to eye-catching high-rise buildings, from archetypal historically-inspired homes to bold and modern custom homes.

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Our Architectural Mission

We are dedicated to the pursuit of design excellence. We are fully committed to establishing strong, collaborative and long-lasting relationships with our clients, and to serving each project's community through responsive design and public engagement where appropriate.  We strive to achieve the optimum design solution at the greatest aesthetic level possible, within practical project budgets. Our foundational mission is to create dynamic buildings of high aesthetic which are woven into their surroundings rather than seeming to have simply been placed on their sites.  To this end, we make a point of listening well, taking copious notes in programming and design review sessions, researching diligently and responding with comprehensive and thoughtful design solutions.

Our ultimate mission is to create highly-successful building designs while fostering client relationships based on mutual trust, respect and appreciation. Our long-term vision --our full intention -- is to reinvest a significant portion of profits into community-serving projects in economically-damaged areas of the country, with initial emphasis on American Indian/Native American reservations and US Veteran housing and job-generating projects.

Let's work together to create YOUR dynamic project!

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Our Staff

Our Project Teams all enjoy the hands-on involvement of our Principal Architect.  Our dedicated in-house staff members are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable, with project assignments made based on staff's relevant experience in each specific project type.

Our multidisciplinary consultant teams are well-established, professional and imaginative. We are nationally-certified -- currently holding architectural licenses in 11 US states -- with the ability to obtain our license in any other state, US Territory, Canadian Province or United Kingdom country within a short period of time.  We are a relatively small firm with a large portfolio of diverse projects to our credit.

Our Architectural Values

Honesty, integrity, and customer service are our firm’s core values;  they underpin our actions daily.  We are personable and positive, and we are highly confident.  We are committed to managing expectations.  As a result, our clients often become friends for life.  A greater testimonial of success could not compare!

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Our Architectural Approach

Our approach is characterized by cooperation and communication. We facilitate a highly personalized service by working closely with our clients from inception of the idea to construction and occupancy. We strive to identify and fully understand our clients’ vision on each project, bringing it to fruition to create their most special building -- a building which embodies that vision.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are well-versed in Sustainable Design concepts and Green Building Technologies.  Energy efficiency is a core objective for each project. Elements which we encourage our clients to consider include passive and active solar heating and energy production systems, geothermal heating, wind energy generation systems, daylighting, natural ventilation, greywater systems, rainwater catchment, rammed earth and straw bale construction, recycling and use of found objects.  Of particular interest, for appropriate projects on conducive sites, is organic design of earth-integrated structures which, when fully landscaped, effectively disappear into the scenery.  We welcome open-minded clients whose vision is roughly equivalent to their financial resources, and invite you to consider such a project if and when appropriate to YOUR vision.

Our Workplace

We are ever-dedicated to achieving success and pleasing our clients.  Our use of current CAD and Building Information Modeling technologies serves us very well in that regard.  The programs we utilize give our designers freedom and flexibility in plan layouts and geometric massing, as we develop form around function.  Our 3D modeling capabilities are a tremendous asset in helping clients visualize their projects, select building materials and make decisions on finishes and colors.  Our project management tools enable us to organize, create and track projects in a highly professional and energetic environment.

Your Choice

You know our story.  We'd like to hear yours.  When someone asks us "what type of work do you do?," we like to answer with the question "What do you want to do?"  The depth of our experience has rendered us expert in many divergent project types.  We encourage you to browse our extensive portfolio, to learn more about our uniquely organic and sculptural design work and our responsive design in more traditional architecture.  As Architects with a vast understanding of construction processes, building systems and engineering technologies, our firm is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your design-build goals. We maintain working relationships with numerous contractors, and we collaborate with them on a regular basis.

We’d love the opportunity to connect with you and acquaint ourselves with your architectural needs. We invite you to contact our office at (619) 299-5453 to set up a consultation with our Principal Architect.

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